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Charter Starters is an Oregon-based consulting group that helps to build strong charter schools that benefit public education.

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Who Are We?

Mark Hazelton

Mark is a co-founder and current executive director of the Kings Valley Charter School.  He has guided KVCS from a district shut-down with 17 students to a thriving community school of nearly 150 students.  Trained as an engineer, he has an extensive planning background honed at high tech companies like Hewlett Packard.  At HP his responsibilities ranged from leading teams that developed printing products to planning and implementing production lines around the world.  At Charter Starters, Mark's expertise is utilized in the areas of community leadership, governance, business management, strategic planning and business operations.


Lou Favreau                                                   

Lou, a facilitator/mediator, began working with charter schools in 1999. He helped facilitate the organizational development of the Village School (Eugene), the first in Oregon to apply for a charter. For the past 6+ years he has been resolving charter school issues between charters and their districts for the Oregon Department of Education.  Lou brings a wide array of organizational development skills to Charter Starters.  He has trained and advised non-profits, organizations and individuals around the state through various programs

sponsored by the Oregon State University Extension Service.  He was also an instructor for the Oregon Department of Education’s Building Bridges program, designed to help schools to build & maintain their volunteer management systems. 

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