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Pre-Startup Support

-Aligning your school for success from the very start.

 Charter Starters Inc. startup  services include developing vision and mission statements, drafting charter application, charters and bylaws, creating startup plans, researching curriculum, generating school budgets, developing public relations programs, teaching basic board of director workshops and establishing a school’s
non-profit status. We also offer ongoing mentoring programs for new initiatives and schools.


Administrative Support

            - Implementing sound administration practices for your school.


Charter Starters Inc. supports and builds this essential area by training administrators, setting up office procedures, providing ongoing training for board members, drafting and/or implementing policies and procedures, setting up databases to track students, establishing volunteer management programs and conducting research. We can also help you plan and implement Title 1 programs, lunch programs, and after-school-care programs.


Financial Services and Planning

-Meeting your school’s bookkeeping and reporting requirements.

 Charter Starters Inc. shows you how to work with budgets, do long-range financial planning, develop purchasing policies and submit PERS reports electronically. We’ll help you understand the world of public charter school finance.


Team Building and Communication Services

            -Enhancing your group’s communication to increase efficiency and minimize conflict.

 Charter Starters Inc. communication services include team building workshops, leadership training, conflict resolution training, facilitation and mediation. Strong interpersonal skills are perhaps the most important skill in any business.  Unfortunately, they are the most overlooked part of the planning and execution of public charter schools.

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